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Employee Global Wellness Scale

Evidence Based, Customized Employee Wellness Survey with Data Analysis

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A Customized Blueprint for your Employee Wellness Services

After providing us with basic information on your organization and workforce one of our assessment technicians will follow-up with a 30 question (5 minute) employee wellness survey that is customized to your organization and it's workforce.

The survey measures employee health priorities and self-perception in six key Workplace Wellness Areas: Physical, Emotional, Social, Organizational, Personal, and Environmental.

When the survey is finalized we provide you with a survey link and instructions on how to administer your customized survey to your staff.

No identifiable personal employee information is collected in the survey.


Data Analysis

The cost of each survey includes data analysis that targets wellness trends related to individual survey questions and larger trends within the each of the 6 Workplace Wellness Areas.

Executive Wellness Summary with Recommendations

Our Executive Wellness Summary includes an implementation plan with comprehensive recommendations based around your organization's health trends and wellness program budget.

$5 per Employee Includes Everything:                 Customized Survey, Data Analysis and Executive Wellness Summary