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Workforce Evaluations

Employee Global Wellness Scale


"We had actionable recommendations from day one that worked.”      

-Jon Jones, President and Co-Founder at Anthroware 


Our Workforce Evaluation is the most comprehensive personnel experience survey on the market.


What is a Workforce Evaluation?

We equate workforce well-being and culture with a company’s comprehensive workplace experience. This includes how your workforce experiences social, emotional, physical, environmental, personal and organizational aspects of the workplace.

Benchmark your company's workforce experience.

  • Establish a baseline for your company's workplace well-being and culture.

  • Comprehensive workforce trends with targeted recommendations.

  • Executive summary with six numerical scores for each of the data points measured in our Evaluation.

  • Our evidence-based Workforce Evaluation requires no medical tests or personal health information.



Determine if your workplace experience is aligned with company culture and values. 

  • Measures efficacy of existing wellness initiatives and analyzes trends for recommending new ones.
  • Reinforce positive workforce trends, tackle negative workforce trends. 
  • Includes an initial and follow-up audit to measure change and improvement.
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We measure the six comprehensive data points of your workplace experience, identifying trends that affect performance, retention and engagement.