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Employee Invested Well-Being 

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OMH Solutions enhances employee well-being, engagement and productivity through customized interventions in workplace environmental health, emotional health, physical health, social health, personal health, and organizational health.

We believe that employers of all sizes have the right to healthier, happier, more productive employees.

Our organizational wellness evaluations and customized job analysis tools identify areas of growth that can affect employee health, morale and productivity. This data is used to generate an implementation plan that identifies effective strategies to improve and maintain workplace wellness.

Do your personal and workplace health values align?


Customized, evidence based employee wellness assessments measure employee health priorities and self perception in six workplace wellness areas.

Customized, evidence based employee wellness assessments measure employee health priorities and self perception in six workplace wellness areas.

Empowering Organizations with Knowledge

OMHSolutions provides onsite and electronic workshops that focus on developing specific areas of wellness within your organization, training management and staff on maintaining employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Organizational Wellness Evaluations

Customized wellness assessments provide the blueprint to build your employee wellness programs and policies. Surveys are holistic, evidenced-based and employed in multiple formats for outcome validity.  Confidentiality and participant anonymity assured.

On-Site Workshops

We provide onsite workshops for management, HR professionals and staff on how to measure, develop and maintain employee/workplace wellness. Workshop content is customized based on organizational need. 



The way people do their job has a significant impact on how they feel about their job. Job analysis creates a blueprint of the physical and emotional tasks invested in successful job completion. The blueprint serves as a guide to improving job satisfaction and efficiency


Our professional education services can be accessed remotely when available via this website. Articles and webinars cover the gamut of organizational wellness issues, providing professionals knowledge and continuing education credits. 


Customized wellness assessment and job analysis data is generated into a profile that provides a current presentation of overall organizational wellness. The implementation plan is a dynamic process facilitating growth in areas of organizational wellbeing.

Specialized Consultation

Is your organization facing a specific challenge around an employee wellness issue? OMHSolutions provides consultation on specific wellness related employee situations. This includes specialized consultation on compliance with disability law and how your organization should proceed.


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Looking to improve organizational wellness or have an employee wellness tip that's worked for your organization? Then please share. Wellness begins with a dialogue. 

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